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Full Colour Printed Banners

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Custom  PVC Banners Features

Full colour print or 1 colour vinyl

Durable, long lasting & various sizes

Cost effective way of advertising your message

As it could be temporary advertising it is easy to fold and store

Choose your PVC banners with or without eyelets, with or without seams for poles.

Available in either vertical or landscape

Our full colour banners are made from durable, strong PVC - printed in full colour single sided only. We seam/hem the sides with strong double sided tape, insert eyelets (which enable the banner to hang on walls, buildings, fence posts, or on the side of buildings).

You can tie them or secure them using either cable ties, rope or cord (none of these items are included in the price). We advise that you use bungee cords are especially good to use in windy locations

Additional information

Size & Qty

1m x 1m, 1m x 2m, 1m x 3 m, 1m x 4m, 1m x 5m, 1m x 6m, 1m x 7m, 1m x 8m, 1m x 9m, 1m x 10m, 1.2m x 1m, 1.2m x 2m, 1.2m x 3m, 1.2m x 4m, 1.2m x 5m, 1.2m x 6m, 1.2m x 7m, 1.2m x 8m, 1.2m x 9m, 1.2m x 10m, 1.4m x 1m, 1.4m x 2m, 1.4m x 3m, 1.4m x 4m, 1.4m x 5m, 1.4m x 6m, 1.4m x 7m, 1.4m x 8m, 1.4m x 9m, 1.4m x 10m, 2 x 1.4m x 5m Special


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