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Term & Conditions 


KEZZA reserves the right to change our quotation at any time should unforeseen
circumstances or new information arise. All our quotations will be quoted in South African
Rand (ZAR)

Payments on Custom Orders / Sizes

KEZZA requires a 80% deposit upon confirming your order. The outstanding amount is to be paid via EFT, Cash or Card upon collection / delivery. All payments via bank transfer needs to be referenced with an invoice number and cleared before items are released KEZZA will resubmit your quote to you, should you request additional changes to be made to your project
KEZZA payment terms are clear and needs to be adhered to. Should the client’s remaining payment not abide to the KEZZA payment terms, the client agrees to be liable for all legal fees and costs (on a solicitor / own Client basis), including all commissions payable on the payment of the total outstanding debt, incurred by KEZZA because of a non-payment of debt.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

An Upfront Payment or Deposit Payment is considered as the Client’s acknowledgement and acceptance of KEZZA overall terms and conditions.


We will not be responsible for your files that are incorrectly set-up when provided to KEZZA. Note that KEZZA could charge the client for additional file corrections and repeated setups (of which the client has provided). Please take caution when completing your designs and following the online instructions for preparing artworks – Take particular caution and care when supplying cutting and engraving files (laser work). Ensure 1 mm space between cutting lines

Returns / Replacements

Please consult suppliers when considering cutting and or engraving as materials react differently to the individual machine heads when being cut. You are more than welcome to inquire with us or ask us for advice about the different materials and the effect heat has on them. KEZZA do not allow RETURNS on laser cut, wide format digital printed, vinyl cut and acrylic bended goods and or express fees.

Should you have a Change of Mind

KEZZA does not offer a refund, should you the Client decide to change your mind on any Job, after the Client have paid the required deposit It is up to KEZZA discretion that we offer the Client a credit on their Deposit should production not have commenced minus a R150 administration fee (KEZZA to cover administration and planning on setting up your job).


KEZZA will try every attempt to ensure that we deliver a product you requested. However due to the sensitive nature of working with a wide variety of materials, especially when  considering laser cutting, engraving, therefore KEZZA will not be held responsible for your project – should it not have the exact desired outcome. We require that Clients pay a R150 sampling fee upon commencement of a project as you might experience unexpected results from different materials. The Client should provide additional sampling material for testing purposes. It is not KEZZA responsibility, should the material not cut properly as KEZZA does not guarantee the quality of the material/s – Unfortunately you will not be refunded for the damages caused during the cutting / engraving process. Should you not be happy with the cutting / engraving / bending / printing, KEZZA does not offer any refund. A print produced by the process of etching – KEZZA cannot guarantee or foresee how your material will react to this process.

Every week is different in KEZZA’s production line. Therefore, production times do change from time to time. Inquire about the CURRENT production time. KEZZA does offer ‘’URGENT’’ print / cut / engrave production times, however, it will depend on the production week and load of Jobs waiting in line

Shipping & Delivery

KEZZA charges for courier, shipping and postage separately. Should you require any one of the delivery methods, this will be added to your final invoice. KEZZA could supply you with the charges before the Job goes into production. Remember that the final job will determine the courier / shipping costs. KEZZA does not take any responsibility for the loss of goods whilst in transit.


KEZZA will not be responsible for any unsatisfied material supplied by suppliers.

Intellectual Property

KEZZA will not share your designs with another party, unless you provided permission to KEZZA to do so

Privacy & Security

KEZZA will not share your personal information with anyone. Should disclosure of your information deem necessary, KEZZA will protect their rights as stipulated by the South African law.

Product Storage

KEZZA reserves the right as per their terms and conditions to remove all materials which have been occupying the KEZZA premises for longer than ten (10) days It is not KEZZA’s responsibility to remind the Client to collect their goods from the KEZZA premises.